Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dwarf Gyrobomber finished !

I went for the Gyrobomber. 
When I find the funds I will get another to build the cute smaller version : the Gyrocopter.

 I used my usual Dwarf colors. 
The green from the Dwarfs armor, The second (hull) color is new.
I just liked the look of 2 tones on the box.
And i went for a pink balloon. I just like the contrast.
I will use this color again for some Dwarf figures.
The same metal , gold , brown , etc...

I want to welcome a new follower :

Larkinus de Bloggus from

Painted : 43 / 125


  1. Very nicely painted, Mario.

    The Dwarf Gyro-machines have certainly changed since I last played a fantasy wargame; they look very cool!

    Cheers for the welcome. Hope you have a great weekend. Roy

    1. Thank you very much Roy ! And a great weekend to you too !

  2. Great work , and paint Mario .
    Cheers .


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