Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paint table Saturday 10th edition

Paint table Saturday 10th edition !

I've been working on the same 6 Dwarfs as last week. I didn't had much time to paint.
I also started on Malifaux's Rasputina from the Children of December box.

Here are some pictures of my paint table at the moment : 

Also this :
Joakim Ström from The Miniatures Man blog is having a give-away because he got 50.000 hits on his blog ! And he is giving away 4 cool prizes to his followers & if he reaches 100 followers there will be 5 winners of a prize !
You can enter this give-away untill the 26th of Januari.
Just follow the link to The Miniatures Man follow the rules & enter !
To Joakim Ström : Congrats on the 50.000 hits & thanks for a chance on winning !

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