Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Scenery ...

One of the the things on my list for this year was : making some terrain / scenery. 
I haven't done this so far this year. 
I think it is more my wife's thing than mine. She loves to make diorama's & scenery.
I have put it in a tutorial kind of way ... 

So here are some pictures of my terrain piece : 
  1. Made a piece out of foam. 
  2. Bash it for some structure.
  3. Basecoat Chaos black, then Steel legion drab & Armageddon dust for more texture.
  4. Wash with Agrax eartshade.
  5. All dried up.
  6. Drybrush with Terminatus stone.
  7. Added some trees. 





 Still to do : Lots of turf and wood scenery. A signpost , mushrooms , logs , stones , etc...

Part 2 :

 I finished my scenery / terrain.
It is a wood like theme ...

I added a signpost , some turf , mushrooms , ferns & a tortoise ..
I used the new Citadel Technical Paints : Blood for the Bloodgod , Ryza Rust , Nurgles Rot ,
Nihilakh Oxide , Typhus Corrosion.
I used them mainly on the signpost ( shield & lamp ) and for the slime ...
For more on these paints look at the videos on 'How to Clips'


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