Friday, November 8, 2013

Inside the cave .... The miniatures ....

My wife made a beautiful report on our husband & wife hobby cave
Follow the link to her blog and read all about it ! 

Now i will tell you about my space & take a look inside the display cabinets.

Here is my workspace. Normally it is more of a mess but i just cleaned up the place.
Here i do all of my painting & airbrushing. At the moment i'm working on 2 more Perry miniatures to make a base of 3. And other stuff that awaits paint ....

And now a look inside the display cabinets.
A view on my painted miniatures :

Tau +  1 Dark Eldar :

Blood Angels :

Grey Knights : 

Old 40k Orks :

New 40k Orks + 40k Chaos :

Space marines : 

Space Wolves :

Lord of the Rings + Mantic Orks : 

Orks & Goblins :

Ogre Kingdom : 

 Empire :

Dwarfs :

 Warmachine , Hordes , Malifaux & Freebooter :

 So this is the end of the tour inside my display cabinets.
You will see all the stages of my painting skills. From the earlier days ( Old 40k Orks , Orks , Space marines) to my painting level now ( Tau , Dwarfs , Warmachine , Hordes ). The rest lies in between. Almost all of the miniatures ( except the really old ones ) you can find on this blog ...
I hope you enjoyed the tour .... 


  1. Love the showcases Mario! And as said on the blog of Sofie, everything is well organized!


  2. Where is the Mumak? I see the beautiful base, but no Mumak.

    1. The Mumak is still a Work In Progress. The skin is ready just the ropes and teeth and the entire tower needs paint. I'll try to post some pics soon.


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