Monday, April 11, 2011

Empire 5 van 10

Vandaag zijn er dus 5 klaar. Ik ben al halverwege. Het kan zijn dat ik weer aan iets anders ga werken omdat veel van één leger is een beetje saai voor mij. Hier zijn enkele foto's.


  1. Great job so far! I personally am a big fan of Empire armies, so it's nice to see one in progress. Keep up the good work!

    As far as painting the same colors on similar models goes, just think how nice your glorious fully painted army will look! That thought alone got me through painting many, many clanrats.

    Sorry if posting in English is an issue, but like most Americans I didn't bother to learn any other language in school. Thank heaven for Google Translator!

  2. I hope google translator does its job. Because I'm not so great in english. But I can manage. Thank you for the great comment! I'm very happy with my Empire army. But as you can see with my other army's (Ogre Kingdom & others) I love difrent colors. But you have a point. A large army in the same colors is very impressive. thank you for your opinion!


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