Sunday, August 9, 2020

Busts : Ky-Ra finished !

It's been a while since I posted a finished model.
But I've finished Ky-Ra. She is a model from Kabuki studios ( which no longer exists )
I've started her on May first of 2019 with a way to light a skin color. But that was the goal at that time. To create an icy skin for a Nordic look.
So plans have changed and I've painted her as a Chaos warrior with some alterations.
I didn't change the hair color as it fitted perfectly with the fiery-ness of Chaos. 
I worked with color-shift paint for the bra & dragon part of the sword.
And blood red lips (of course) as she is a Chaos warrior !
And last but not least some pictures without flash and with natural light.
Painted in 2020 : 102


  1. Excellent job! The pale shade of the skin has been made perfectly!

  2. Great work on the bust Mario. I always love it when you do your female figurine projects.

    1. Thank you very very much Kuan !
      And I love doing them !

  3. Most beautiful bust Mario, wonderful skin tones!


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