Thursday, June 22, 2017

Baleful Realmgates finished !

I finished these Baleful Realmgates yesterday.
I made one for the Kharadron Overlords & one for the Skaven.
Why them? They fitted the color-scheme I had in my head.
The portal to and from the Kharadron Overlords world.
I highlighted the rune in the color of the portal to indicate what world lies behind it.
For the Kharadron Overlords I decided on the fish-hook looking symbol.
And some Kharadron Overlords protect the portal to their world.
And the Skaven Baleful Realmgate.
Why skaven? The color of the portal will return in some war-machines for the Skaven.
I kept both realmgates simple as I can always add detail later ( if I find it necessary).
Realmgates are portals connecting the Mortal Realms. At the start of the Age of Chaos, Sigmar closed all Gates of Azyr; when the Stormcast Eternals were created, their first job was to reopen these Realmgates. Some Fyreslayers believe that the opening of the Gates of Azyr are a sign of Grimnir's return. The Flesh-eater Courts make their camps around Realmgates, knowing there will be a constant supply of food.
Painted so far : 133


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