Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sylvaneth : 5 Dryads finished ! Year goals complete ! 100K page views milestone ! ! !

Today I finished 5 Sylvaneth Dryads.
"They are fluid as a stream and just as ever changing. No one shape can contain their essence for long, so they shift from one form to another, dancing even while they are standing still. They are the pulse of the forest, wild and fierce by turns, followed by pensive calm. One moment they are as hard as an Ash, shrugging off blows that could fell an Ogre, the next they are as supple as a reed, bending around their opponent’s weapons as they giggle or mock his discomfiture. My fellows and I have often talked about why they never hold to one form for long. The general consensus is that they easily grow bored."
Painted : 200 / 200

So I completed my goal ( at the last minute ) of this year. And these Dryads will be the last miniatures of this year that get finished. And so I look forward to next year , with new ideas and goals. But that's for a future post...

Milestone ! : 100K page views ! ! !
I wanna thank all you visitors for the support and comments you all placed over these years !
And I hope we can all enjoy our hobby for many more years to come !
Up to the next milestone ! And let's all have lots of fun reaching it...
Thanks !


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