Sunday, December 11, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 162th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 162th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 162 !
 I've started on other projects. 3 Tzaangors and the Barbarian from the Silver Tower box.
The test-model for the Tzaangors is finished and can be seen up close in the next post.
I've started the Barbarian , skin only so far ( base , wash & highlight ).
 No progress on the Dwarf gyrocopters. 2 more Tzaangors ready to paint & the Barbarian.

Now a little overview of painted miniatures by month : 
January : 22
February : 3
March : 35
April : 7
May : 13
June : 42
July : 18
August : 17
September : 4
October : 17
November : 13
December ( so far ) : 2

This year isn't so good as last year. I had to work more and so less time to paint. And when I had the time to paint it was again disrupted by work ( falling asleep from hard work during painting ).
Also many models got prepared and ready to paint or even started on , but by lack of interest , not knowing the color-scheme at that time and discouragements by looking to much at all those perfectly painted miniatures on the internet they got set aside. Waiting for paint and inspiration.
Only a few weeks left to finish 7 miniatures and so reach my first goal of this year : painting 200 miniatures. Can I make it? I hope so...

I hope you have a great weekend !
See you at the next post !


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