Sunday, October 30, 2016

3 Dwarf Girls (Scibor) finished !

 Today I was able to finish the 3 Dwarf females from Scibor miniatures.
I really like these miniatures , they're beautifully sculpted and easy to paint. ( no assembly required / they're of one piece )  
This one is painted in the Dwarf Warrior color-scheme.
This one is painted in the Dwarf Thunderer color-scheme.
And this one is painted in a neutral color-scheme with Dwarf colors I used throughout the army.
I hope to score some more Scibor / Reaper / Spellcrow Dwarf female miniatures at Crisis 2016 next week.
As these are the 3 brands that have the nicest Dwarf females that I know of.
If you know of more , don't hesitate to let me know !
Family picture of all the Dwarf females I own and are painted. From left to right : 3 x Scibor , 2 x Spellcrow , GW and Reaper.

And finally 3 Spellcrow miniatures ( Halflings ) that I used to represent Dwarf Girls.

Painted : 178 / 200


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