Monday, July 25, 2016

Dwarf Ogre Bulls finished !

 Today I finished 4 Dwarf Ogre Bulls.
I really love these Ogres. They're the Hulks of Warhammer.
I should make more time for creating a bigger army of these. But with so many army's ( Dwarfs , Fyreslayers , High Elves , Bretonnia , Empire , Stormcast Eternals , Bloodbound , Chaos , Tomb Kings , Skaven , Orks & Night Goblins and that's only the fantasy part ) , you can't paint them all at once.
 And a picture of the entire group.
Painted : 138 / 200


  1. Nice work.
    I'll have to have a look at the GW Ogre Bulls as I'm looking for a new Blood Bowl team, a box of ogres might be a quick and easy solution.

    1. Thank you very much Roy !
      They're lots of fun & easy to convert or customize.


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