Sunday, December 7, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 57th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 57th edition ! 

Not much happened sinds last week. I've been busy with work.
No progress on the Dwarves , but I started on Alastriel from Reaper miniatures. ( Darcy Perry at finished his last week and it inspired me )
Skin , hair and top are almost finished. Needs some light tough ups or highlights.
And as you probably noticed , Alastriel is my first High Elf that has a different hair color than my main color (blonde). 
I'm trying to create some different mages. The mage from IoB with the green mantle and the purple cloud is a Nature / Spirit mage. 
For Alastriel I'm going for Fire (hair , gems maybe sword ) / Air ( flowing of the mantle ).

I hope you have a great weekend !


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