Friday, August 15, 2014

Dwarf Miners 5 finished and then some more ...

Today i finished the 5th group of Dwarf Miners.

This group is not from Battle for Skull pass but from the Dwarf Miners box.
This is a box of 10 but i made only 8 to match the number of the other 4 groups.
The other 2 will find their way to an other project.

I made 2 Dwarves with drills. 
Champion , Musician & Standardbearer of course.
And 3 Dwarves with pickaxes.

I wanted this group to stand out and gave them the golden armor ( like i did with a group of warriors)
and finished it by giving them red flames so they would really stand out.

And the ' Some more ' part : 

I also finished Lord Thane from the Battle for Skull pass box.

I converted him a bit. Dragons of the helmet and horns added. And axe off and hammer added.
I call him Lord 'Thor' Thane. I used the color-scheme from the Marvel hero Thor and some of my own.

He will be a hero for the Iron Hills Dwarves. 
And a Dwarf Dragon Slayer.

I gave him the same hair color as Vanja ( Giant / Titan )
Descendant of this giant they are the most fierce Dwarves and the only ones that are brave ( or foolish = would explane the armor , skin ) enough to kill Dragons.
With some Dragon blood of course ...  

Painted : 150 / 200


  1. Excellent! I love the miners with their gold armour and candles. And how you've converted and painted Lord Thor really works well.


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