Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dwarf Miners 2

Today i finished my second group of Dwarf Miners from the Battle for skull pass box.
Like i said in my previous post, i converted the standardbearer & musician.
The standardbearer got a different standard from the Dwarf miners box.
And the musician just got a miners lamp.
Like you see i also added some redhead / beards... 

Here are the pictures :  

Dwarf army update :

12 Warriors
10 Thunderers
2x 8 Miners
2x Cannon + 3 crew
5 Beserkers

 Painted : 31 / 125


  1. I like the blue flame and general choice of palette for these very nice

  2. Nice Dwarves !!
    and excellent painting work, I like the colours too .

  3. Excellent work, beautiful colors!

  4. Great work here Mario .
    Compliments .

  5. Great work with lovely colors! The blue light is very clever.


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