Monday, December 9, 2013

Belgian Scale Modellers Convention 2013

Hi, yesterday my wife and I went to the Belgian Scale Modellers Convention 2013!

At this modeling convention we saw mainly a lot of army vehicles like tanks, trucks, airplanes and some fantasy models too. But most of all we saw a lot of beautiful diorama's!

For all the pictures follow the link to my wife her blog : Sofie's Paint Blog

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Final Part 

 As for me : I did not buy anything. I went afterwards to the Oberonn and bought the Tau Sun Shark Bomber.

I also welcome 2 new followers :

Andrew Saunders from ( Lokis Great Hall )


  1. That Shark Bomber looks like a fantastic model! Like the the colour scheme!
    Looks like you planned this before going to the convention! :-D


  2. I didn't plan it Peter. I was interested in buying a bust, but i found them priced too high (50+) for very old looking boxes.
    So i bought the Bomber (also 50) witch is new.

    Greetings, Mario


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