Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photo background Tutorial

On request of my Blog-readers here is a tutorial of the photo background. 

Needed materials : cardboard , double-sided tape , fabric ( of your choice ) , fabric scissors , staples + stapler , cutting mat , hobby-knife , protractor , ruler & a pencil. 

Step 1 : Draw a rectangle with dimensions of your choice on the cardboard.

Step 2 : Cut the cardboard. Don't forget to cut the folding line & don't forget : do not cut all the way through !

Step 3 : Cut the fabric a bit larger than the cardboard. 

Step 4 : Put double-sided tape on the edges of the cardboard.

Step 5 : Remove the paper of the tape on 1 side & fold the fabric and stick it on the double-sided tape as evenly as possible.  

Step 6 : Repeat this on the other side & don't forget to stretch the fabric a bit so you get a smooth surface.

Step 7 : Staple the sides that are folded. I used colored staples for a nicer result. Watch out that you do not staple on the folding line. 

Step 8 : Repeat steps 5 , 6 & 7 on the other sides.

Finished ... & this is the result. Use something to put behind the background ( a kitchen roll ) and you have a display to take pictures.  

And these are the ones my wife & I finished ... 

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