Saturday, May 23, 2020

Chaos : 15 Chaos warriors finished !

 I finished my group of 16 Chaos warriors for my Chaos army.
It's the 4th group of Chaos warriors. (56 in total)
Painted in 2020 : 87


  1. Any finished Chaos Warriors project will get a thumbs up from me :) Just a small suggestion (please feel free to ignore if it isn't to your taste) ... perhaps more weathering effects on the horns might make them more Chaos-like. Not sure if I am making sense here. Still good job Mario :)

    1. Thanks Kuan ! There is more depth in the horns than meets the eye. But the flash of my camera completely wiped that out. I should get a new camera , but as my newest camera is already dead and the old one still working. I have no need to waist more money on a new camera that will last only a few months. As I don't feel lucky enough to get a good one , let alone rich enough...
      Thanks again Kuan for your comment and suggestions ! I appreciate them !

  2. Yep as I imagined. Excellent result! The the capes makes a great contrast with the dark figures. Thumps Up !!


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