Sunday, August 7, 2022

Dwarfs : Battle for Skull pass : 4 Fyreslayers finished !

I finished 4 Fyreslayers for my Dwarfs army as test for some paints & the difference between them. The first 2 from the left are painted like I always paint my Dwarfs. White basecoat with Citadel paints & washes. The third model from the left I painted with Basic acrylics from Liquitex. (Mainly the hair & ropes). The skin was painted with washes from Citadel. Then I painted the model on the right with Contrast paints. My conclusion : It doesn't matter witch paint you use or witch technique. It all looks (sort off)  the same. And when you take a picture , it always looks worse than with the naked eye.

But when you look at all the miniatures on social media , you only see perfect painted models & pictures. How do they do it ? Or is it not real and only digital ?

Well take a look at Ebay where they sell those pro painted miniatures. There you see a whole different story. None of the models offered there (not even the most expensive ones / 5000+ euros) match the pictures on social media. They all look worse than the pictures on social media. They look great ( don't get me wrong ) but not like those pictures on social media.

Painted in 2022 : 65


  1. I have a soft spot for Fyreslayers seeing how they remind of one of my favourite Old Warhammer characters i.e. Gotrek Gurnisson. Great paint job Mario!