Monday, January 27, 2014

Eldar Wraightguard WIP

I'm still working on the 4 Eldar Wraithguard. They're almost finished. 
Just the gems , loin cloths & weapons have to be painted.
Then assemble them further & put them on their bases.

Then there is a give-away from Loki ( Andrew Saunders ) in which you can enter by answering the question for a very nice painted Napoleonic figure on a horse . Or just follow the rules and participate for the other great prices ! 

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 12th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 12th edition ! 

This Saturday i painted the 4 remaining bases for my Eldar Wraightguard.
I used the same colors except for the crystals, they're all different.

Painted at Paint table Saturday 7th edition 

Next up the 4 Eldar Wraightguard. Overtime for my airbrush ...  
This is the first Eldar Wraithguard from my last post :

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Monday, January 20, 2014

First Eldar Wraightguard finished !

I finished my first Eldar Wraithguard today. 
Earlier today i said to J.D. that i would finish in a couple of days and post then. But i had the time and finished today ! 

I had to think up a new color-scheme for my Eldar army and i struggled with that for a wile.
And then i looked at my wife's mineral collection and saw Fluorite.

I have always wanted to use that color-scheme but did not know how to begin. 
And Sunday i just began.  
And here is the result : 

Tell me what you think ! 

Painted : 14 / 125

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Paint table Saturday 11th edition

Paint table Saturday 11th edition !

I have nothing painted. I just prepared 3 Tau pathfinders and a Eldar Wraightguard.
When i find the time i'll start airbrushing.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Malifaux's Rasputina

Today i also finished Rasputina from the Children of December box.

I used this color scheme to keep it winter like ...
The green is based on Aurora Borealis like you see here on this winter landscape.

Here some pictures of Rasputina : 

I hope i can keep this up. Then i can crush my painting goal , but this is still early beginnings ...
Still good on the other goal of not buying stuff ... Wonder if i can keep it in check ... 

 Painted : 13 / 125

Dwarf Warriors Finished !

Today i finished the last 6 Dwarf warriors of a group of 12. 
Here are some pictures : 

And pictures of all 12 : 

 Painted : 12 / 125 

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paint table Saturday 10th edition

Paint table Saturday 10th edition !

I've been working on the same 6 Dwarfs as last week. I didn't had much time to paint.
I also started on Malifaux's Rasputina from the Children of December box.

Here are some pictures of my paint table at the moment : 

Also this :
Joakim Ström from The Miniatures Man blog is having a give-away because he got 50.000 hits on his blog ! And he is giving away 4 cool prizes to his followers & if he reaches 100 followers there will be 5 winners of a prize !
You can enter this give-away untill the 26th of Januari.
Just follow the link to The Miniatures Man follow the rules & enter !
To Joakim Ström : Congrats on the 50.000 hits & thanks for a chance on winning !

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 9th edition

Paint table Saturday time again !
9th edition !

Today i have reorganized my paint table like you see on the pictures.
My wife Sofie wanted a airbrush pistol of her own & i didn't want to get a second compressor.
So i changed the layout of my table so the compressor is accessible for the two of us.  

I also got a new airbrush pistol for me : The Renegade Krome airbrush.
I'm currently working on the next 6 Dwarf warriors. I only managed to paint the faces. 
So progress is little. 
I wish money grew on trees so i didn't have to work and had the time to paint more !

Don't hesitate to join the Paint Table Saturday and share what you are doing or painting. Or just show how your paint table is looking. Anything goes ! 
Join the fun ! 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Paint goals of 2014 & first miniatures of this year ...

I've been working on 6 Dwarf warriors from the Battle for skull pass box
& today they are finished ! 
I used the usual color-scheme & i used a different shade of red for the shirts. It will become a group of 12, so 6 more to go ...
Here are some pictures :  

And now the goals for this year 2014 :

1 Paint the same or more than 2013, the goal is 125 miniatures.
2 Make/paint more scenery/terrain.
3 Buy less miniatures so my inventory gets smaller.

Those are my goals for 2014. They are +/- the same as 2013.

Painted : 6 / 125
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