Sunday, April 11, 2021

W.I.P. : April : Week 2

Since last weeks W.I.P. I finished 28 Seraphon Skink archers. Seen in the previous post. And I started on the 15mm Acw mini's. So far I only did the preparations and the first color (grey). And since the holders came available by finishing the Skinks , I mounted the whole sprue. Another 105 troops when done.

No progress of any kind on the Orks.

That's it for this weeks W.I.P. , see you all next week !

Seraphon : 28 Skink archers finished !

Today I finished 28 Skink archers for my Seraphon army. These are the old models , plastic one piece models. I painted up 2 color variations to represent the difference between males and females. I started both from the same color blue , but added light blue for the females and purple for the males.

Another project finished ! On to the next one !

Painted in 2021 : 97

Monday, April 5, 2021

W.I.P. : April : Week 1

Another month with more W.I.P.'s. This week I've been busy with more Orks. I finished one Defkopta ( I have to make the base ) and one still at the beginning... I also prepared 3 Ork females (fantasy). These Ork females are my first 3d printed miniatures I'm going to paint. (I've not printed them myself , as I don't own a printer. )

I also prepared another sprue of 15mm Acw miniatures. 5 Lines of troops are not on the table as I lack some holders to put them on...

I also started on 28 Skink archers for my Seraphon army. They're the main reason I'm out of holders. I even improvised some with plastic cups.

So lots of variety to choose from this week to paint. I hope to finish some by next weeks W.I.P. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Warlord Games : 15mm : American Civil War : Confederates : First sprue finished !

I finished the first sprue of my Confederates army for the American Civil War game. This is my version of the army of Tennessee. ( 105 men strong )

And this block of 80 troops got finished since the last post. I'm quite happy how they turned out.
1 sprue of 24 finished !
These smaller mini's get counted by the bases , so + 4 this time...
Painted in 2021 : 69

Monday, March 29, 2021

Warlord Games : 15mm : American Civil War : Confederates

I finished one base of every type of troops. As you could see in the previous post , I chose to paint some Confederates first. It's my first project ever in 15mm. But I like how it looks so far. I chose to paint in a faster way with these mini's and I'm using contrast paints to do so.

I changed the troops since my previous post. I removed the red & yellow hats and made them all grey. I like the uniformity more I guess.

I removed a mistake on this one.

And I left the red & yellow hats on these lads with the cannon. Somehow it fits with them. Below is my inspiration for the painting of these miniatures.

Painted in 2021 : 65

Sunday, March 28, 2021

W.I.P. : March : Week 4

Some 15mm American Civil War miniatures made the table along with some Defkopta's that got left behind. This 15mm scale is a new experience for me as I only painted 28mm or bigger in the past.

I finished painting on one of each type of troops of the American Civil War miniatures as a test. These are painted as Confederates. I'm still deciding on how to base them. What to use , etc... I'm not sure if they stay this way or if I try to enhance the detail some more ( if possible ).
I prepared 1 sprue that holds 100 troops , 1 cavalry & 1 canon with crew. This box contains 24 sprues. That means 2400 troops , 24 cavalry & 24 canons with crew. Half of that for the Confederates & the other half for the Union.

40K Orks : Warboss , Nobz , ... finished !

I finished some Ork troops. A Warboss with attack Squig , A Warboss (from the Assault on Black Reach box that I use as Nobz leader) , Nobz and some Gretchin with remote controlled bomb.

I forgot to take pictures of the Warboss , but here the pictures I made with the old model I painted many years ago.

The Nobz : All from the Assault on Black Reach box.

Warboss converted to leader of the Nobz.

And some Gretchin.

They're from the Shokkjump Dragsta box. I didn't want to use them on the car , so I turned them into grenade throwers / ammo carriers / remote bomb controller.

Painted in 2021 : 62