Monday, August 1, 2022

40K : Black Templar : Chaplain finished !

Another finished Black Templar project , the Chaplain. If I had stayed with the original 18 models for this army , I would have finished the army 2 models ago. I'm currently on 20 models for the Black Templar army. Ah well 35 models to go , but it will surely become 36 as I really want to add a Dreadnought to the mix. I hope it stays on that number until they all get finished !

Painted in 2022 : 61


  1. So that's two more models to go right? Or am I counting it wrong? Sesame Street's Count Dracula I am not :)

    1. Sorry that I threw too many numbers at you Kuan. :) :) At the moment I still need to finish 36 models to complete the project. But as you know as a painter & modelbuilder , that number can change at any given time. :) :)