Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dwarf Warriors 4 finished !

Today I finished a 4th group of warriors from the Battle for skull pass box.
After painting one as they are, the other groups are conversions.
This group is converted with parts of the Empire Flagellants warband box.
And the Champions weapon is converted with Black Orks bitz.

Painted : 60 / 150

Sunday, February 22, 2015

High Elves Seoni finished !

Today I finished Seoni from Reaper pathfinder.
She was planned for the High elves and then I started doubting. I was also thinking of integrating her in the Bretonnia or Empire army. But at the last minute I decided to keep loyal to my first idea and keep her at the High Elves.
She has become a mage at the High Elves army.
Water / Earth
Water : her blue wave like hair.
Earth : her staff and sandals and pouch with maps of the realm.
Thanks to all who suggested the color for the dress. It was taken into consideration and I decided on the pink because the bags are already white and for the contrast and it was already an existing color in the army .
Painted : 48 / 150

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 68th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 68th edition !
As you can see, the paint table is almost empty.
I try too finish all miniatures that are left on the table before I put more on it.
Now I'm working on Seoni. I turned her into a blue haired one. I got some blue on her face so that's next to clean up. I'm still asking myself which color I will make her dress. 
Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend !

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bretonnian Knight finished !

Yesterday  I finished the second Bretonnian Knight.
This ones is with the Purple & blue color-scheme. 
This group of 5 ( 2 archers , 2 men at arms & knight ) is again finished !
Up to the next  color-scheme !

 Painted : 47 / 150

Monday, February 16, 2015

2 Bretonnian Men at arms finished !

Today I finshed 2 Bretonnian Men at arms with the new color-scheme : purple & blue with yellow dragon. I also finished 2 barricades to put in front of the Men at arms & Archers.
 Next up is the knight to complete the group.
My apologies for the bad pictures. I think my camera is crying for retirement. 
 Painted : 46 / 150

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Paint Table Saturday Valentines edition ! (67th)

Paint Table Saturday Valentines edition ! (67th)
This is a quick one.
Not much going on there since the Dwarf Longbeard on flying war bull & the Bretonnian archers.
I prepared 2 Men at arms and some barricades. They will get painted together with the knight in the Purple-blue color-scheme.
On the others no progress.
I got these & a very nice and handy model-drill from armypainter for Valentine from my lovely wife.
These will get some riders for either Empire or Bretonnia conversions.

For all a Happy Valentines day !

Friday, February 13, 2015

2 Bretonnian archers finished !

Today I finished 2 Bretonnian archers.
At the last Paint Table Saturday (66th edition) I said the color-scheme was going to be Purple & White with red Dragon emblems. You see it has changed to Purple & Blue. And the emblems on the shields will be a yellow Dragon.
Painted : 44 / 150

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dwarf Longbeard on flying war bull finished !

Dwarf Longbeard on flying war bull finished !
After an airbrush session yesterday and a drybrush session I finshed the model with the highlights.
The Dwarf has the same color-scheme as the other Longbeards.
For the bull I went for a red brown tone and I'm very happy with the outcome !

 Final picture is an army shot from the ' Ironhills ' Dwarf army. ( grey bases )
Painted : 42 / 150

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 66th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 66th edition !
Not much to report after the Dwarf Ironbreakers.
I finished converting the Dwarf on flying war bull.
I changed the axe for an axe from the Hammerers box , the champions axe. 
And the shield changed for a shield from the Longbeards (not on picture , will be glued on when painted). And a ponytail from the beserker box ( avatar of war ).
And now primed and ready to start airbrushing the base colors.
All the rest no progress , except the archers with the purple color-scheme.
The second color on those will be white ( Sorry Peter ) with a red dragon.
 This last picture is the original Moscal General on War-bull from Scibor for comparison.
 I hope you had a great weekend !

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dwarf Ironbreakers finished !

Today I finished 10 Dwarf Ironbreakers.
They have the same color-scheme as the Dwarf Irondrakes.
It seems that Dwarfs are still my favorite army.
Painted : 41 / 150
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