Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year Overview 2016 !

Year Overview 2016 !

January : 22
February : 3
March : 35
April : 7
May : 13
June : 42
July : 18
August : 17
September : 4
October : 17
November : 13
December : 9
Total : 200
Another year has ended and lets look if we reached our goals that we had set for ourselves.
First goal was painting 200 miniatures and yes this one is complete !
Second goal was buying only 150 miniatures or less and this one is an epic fail with 410 miniatures bought. And the pile keeps growing...
And third , make more scenery and yes I made some terrain pieces this year. So complete !
So what are the goals for 2017 ?
This year I'm taking a brake from rules. No rules this year !
And I hope this will stimulate me to paint even more. So we will see next year if it worked.

Happy New Year ! ! !

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sylvaneth : 5 Dryads finished ! Year goals complete ! 100K page views milestone ! ! !

Today I finished 5 Sylvaneth Dryads.
"They are fluid as a stream and just as ever changing. No one shape can contain their essence for long, so they shift from one form to another, dancing even while they are standing still. They are the pulse of the forest, wild and fierce by turns, followed by pensive calm. One moment they are as hard as an Ash, shrugging off blows that could fell an Ogre, the next they are as supple as a reed, bending around their opponent’s weapons as they giggle or mock his discomfiture. My fellows and I have often talked about why they never hold to one form for long. The general consensus is that they easily grow bored."
Painted : 200 / 200

So I completed my goal ( at the last minute ) of this year. And these Dryads will be the last miniatures of this year that get finished. And so I look forward to next year , with new ideas and goals. But that's for a future post...

Milestone ! : 100K page views ! ! !
I wanna thank all you visitors for the support and comments you all placed over these years !
And I hope we can all enjoy our hobby for many more years to come !
Up to the next milestone ! And let's all have lots of fun reaching it...
Thanks !

Saturday, December 24, 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS at Paint Table Saturday 164th edition !

 Welcome & a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me and Sofie!
And welcome to paint table 164 !
 As to be expected with the holidays , nothing gets done and new idea's and projects pop up at the last minute.
 I've started on 5 Sylvaneth Dryads. I've painted the wood + first highlight so far. I'm hoping to finish these to complete the challenge of this year (200 miniatures). Only 5 to go...
And the Archaon on horse. I've started him over again for the second and hopefully the last time.
I only did the horse and some shadows and white ... next up ... some color!

No progress on the other projects : Urruk , Tzaangors , Dwarf gyrocopters.
Paint Table Saturday 164th edition !

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Age of Sigmar : Urruk Ardboy testmodel finished !

Today I finished the first model of a new Urruk army. An Ardboy ( the former Black Orks )
These are still my favorites under the Orks (Urruks).
I placed him on a base from the Shattered Dominion box.
 I chose for an Armour with 2 colors : Yellow and Purple.
One color seemed too dull and I did that already before in 2011.
Black Orks painted back in 2011
Painted : 195 / 200

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 163th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 163th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 163 !
Not much going on this week. I've painted the skin of the 2 Tzaangors.
I've started painting on some Orks ( Urruks ) and no progress on the Dwarf Gyrocopters.

I hope you have a great weekend !

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower : Darkoath Chieftain finished !

Today I finished the Darkoath Chieftain from the Warhammer Quest Silver Tower box.
I was unsure of the color of the cloth. My constant struggle with color-schemes.
But then I remembered the Gael Amazons and decided to do this one in +/- the same color-scheme.
One miniature closer to finishing my goal.

Painted : 194 / 200

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower : Tzaangors test-model finished !

 Today I finished the first Tzaangor from the Silver Tower box.
 I really like these models a lot. They're lots of fun to paint.
Tzaangors are a subtype of Beastmen; those dedicated to the Chaos God Tzeentch.

Tzaangors are considered as natives of the Planet of Sorcerers, despite that world being uninhabited until the arrival of the Thousand Sons. It is recorded that, over many thousands of years, the Planet of Sorcerers has become inhabited with a sizable number of humans, both directly employed as servants of the Thousand Sons, and living wild beyond their towers, as a result of the Chaos Space MarineLegion's habit of kidnapping mortals. Those that have escaped thralldom to the Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons over the years have since created the 'free' population of the planet, although all these individuals are still slaves to Tzeentch's plans. Amongst these unbonded groups exist the Tzaangors; it is unknown if they originate from Beastmen transplanted to the planet like ordinary humans, or whether they are a result of the mutations so favoured by the planet's patron. Nevertheless, they exist in enough numbers for the Thousand Sons to be able to use them as source from which to recruit the guardians of their Towers. The Thousand Sons appear to value the use of Beastmen in this role and treat them well; few make any attempt to escape and return to the warbands they began life in.

Painted : 193 / 200

Paint Table Saturday 162th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 162th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 162 !
 I've started on other projects. 3 Tzaangors and the Barbarian from the Silver Tower box.
The test-model for the Tzaangors is finished and can be seen up close in the next post.
I've started the Barbarian , skin only so far ( base , wash & highlight ).
 No progress on the Dwarf gyrocopters. 2 more Tzaangors ready to paint & the Barbarian.

Now a little overview of painted miniatures by month : 
January : 22
February : 3
March : 35
April : 7
May : 13
June : 42
July : 18
August : 17
September : 4
October : 17
November : 13
December ( so far ) : 2

This year isn't so good as last year. I had to work more and so less time to paint. And when I had the time to paint it was again disrupted by work ( falling asleep from hard work during painting ).
Also many models got prepared and ready to paint or even started on , but by lack of interest , not knowing the color-scheme at that time and discouragements by looking to much at all those perfectly painted miniatures on the internet they got set aside. Waiting for paint and inspiration.
Only a few weeks left to finish 7 miniatures and so reach my first goal of this year : painting 200 miniatures. Can I make it? I hope so...

I hope you have a great weekend !
See you at the next post !
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