Sunday, February 11, 2024

Warhammer : The Old World : Dwarfs : Dwarfs Warriors regiment finished !

As promised in one of the previous posts , more Dwarfs ! I finished my last regiment of Battle for Skull pass Dwarfs. The Warriors.

I was so disappointed that I painted them all , that I bought a new sprue of Battle for Skull pass Dwarfs. Their second hand & damaged and missing some stuff. And expensive !!! But still cheap in comparison with other Battle for Skull pass Dwarfs.

I'm very curious of what GW is going to bring out for the Dwarfs in The Old World. How the box is going to look like & what it contains. And the price ? Or don't they get anything ? Are they dropped ? Hopefully some answers soon ! 

Painted in 2024 : 45

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