Sunday, May 2, 2021

W.I.P. : May : Week 1

This weeks W.I.P.'s and some progress on the female Orks. All base colors and washes done and some highlights on the hair. No work done on the Defkopta.

No work done on the 15mm ACW mini's and after finishing the Gur Panther , no more progress on the other Armada Basileans ships.

And some more pictures of the female Orks. I've made the most progress on them this week.
That's it for this weeks W.I.P. , see you all next week !


  1. Nice WIP, Mario. Love the greens - very eye-catching.

    1. Thank you very much Dean ! I know... I'm very happy with this green skin. It's the same combination as my 40K Orks with a different wash in the recesses.