Monday, April 5, 2021

W.I.P. : April : Week 1

Another month with more W.I.P.'s. This week I've been busy with more Orks. I finished one Defkopta ( I have to make the base ) and one still at the beginning... I also prepared 3 Ork females (fantasy). These Ork females are my first 3d printed miniatures I'm going to paint. (I've not printed them myself , as I don't own a printer. )

I also prepared another sprue of 15mm Acw miniatures. 5 Lines of troops are not on the table as I lack some holders to put them on...

I also started on 28 Skink archers for my Seraphon army. They're the main reason I'm out of holders. I even improvised some with plastic cups.

So lots of variety to choose from this week to paint. I hope to finish some by next weeks W.I.P. 


  1. Nice WIP shots, Mario. Love the checkered pattern on the ork flyer.

  2. Lovely ork shopper!
    And some more ACW! 😎

    1. Thank you very much L'Empereur ! Yes and hopefully painted soon !